The State of the Art Car in Brooklyn 
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SOAC at Newkirk Avenue Brighton Line
SOAC glides into the southbound express track at Newkirk Avenue station on the Brighton Beach Line during 1974.

From Prospect Park the Brighton goes into a tunnel. The Traveler watched the little train slip into the darkness, its lights sweeping around. the curve as he had seen others so many times before. But different.
     Different because SOAC represents a commitment to modern transit. Transit was once the luxury of the wealthy, burgeoning city, its commitment to growth, to the prosperity of citizens who would work among the canyons of the city but Iive on quiet, tree-lined streets. This has changed so much, and so much has made it the most fundamental of necessities-but one this society is reluctant to fully acknowledge.
     If the State-of-the-Art Car is a demonstration of where our technology has gone, a symbol of our commitment to the future, The Traveler wondered when this society will demonstrate its commitment to get where we must go.

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