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"Since your representatives first called me at 4 o'clock Friday afternoon  and said you intended to strike at 4 o'clock this Sunday morning, I have been endeavoring to get them to call you together so I could address you. Your representative has persistently refused to do this, so I am addressing you this  way because I want every individual man among you to know exactly what  it is I want to say to you and what your representative apparently doesn't care to have you hear.
"I came from the ranks myself, was elected to office by men like you and understand the lives of men like you far better than most public officials possibly could.
Favors Higher Wages
"Whatever your representative may tell you, I want you to know that I have no objection to your getting a better wage scale. In fact, I think you should have better wages, and if you will only take counsel from me you will find me making a persistent fight to get you a good wage scale. I would be untrue to my own life convictions if I took any other attitude.
"What is more, I am also interested in getting for you decent working hours and decent working conditions. I am against all kinds of industrial slavery. The kind of men who create industrial slavery are the kind of men that some of your leaders are now approving...
* * *
Leaders of the strike were served with copies of an injunction signed by Supreme
Court Justice Lydon, at 7 o'clock yesterday morning - three hours after the strike started. A clause in the injunction forbids officers of the Brotherhood from supporting the strike or addressing strike meetings. The order is returnable to-morrow.
Mayor Appeals to I. R. T.
Strikers to Arbitrate
  Pleads for Hearing and Says He Can Prove They Are Being Misled -- Declares Hedley Refused 50 Per Cent Raise Even if Given 8-Cent Fare
Mayor Hylan issued a personal appeal yesterday to the striking Inter- borough car men. He made it in writing after futile efforts to get the consent of officers of the Brotherhood of Interborough Employes to address the men.
The Mayor again charged that the Interborough was using men only for the purpose of obtaining eight-cent fares. He charged that if higher fare was allowed the men would not get the 50 per cent increase in wages they are demanding
He asked that the 15,000 Interborough employes meet him at Madison
Square Garden and discuss the strike situation. "Any hour of the day or night" is suggested by the Mayor for the meeting.
His appeal to the men follows:
"Friends and Fellow Citizens:
The IRT didn’t enjoy the best public image. Artist W.A. Rogers expressed the public’s feelings in this 1905 cartoon from the New York Herald. The inscription on the car door says “Trains run at the co’s convenience.” The angry gentleman in colonial dress is Father Knickerbocker, a popular allegorical representative of the city citizenry. Library of Congress.
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