Avenue H: The Community Saves Its Landmark Station
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Another month has passed and the temporary trackage in front of the Ackerson office is well on its way to completion. The tracks are now just about level with the station and street. They appear to be on an earthern embankment, but are actually supported by a wooden trestle that is being filled in undernearth.
Those working to save the station house began gathering information about its history and information about other landmarkings of subway system structures. They found that three wooden elevated stations in the Bronx had received landmark protection, and asked why this couldn’t be done with Avenue H.
The New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission was contacted and expressed interest in the structure. The Transit Authority, for its part, told the Community Board that it would
reconsider if the Landmarks Commission was favorable to preservation.
Commission Sympathetic
A meeting of the Community Board was attended by members of the Landmarks Commission, interested community members, Mr. Schweiger, this writer and others. The attendees expressed the importance of the station house to the community and discussed the treatment of the landmarked structures in the Bronx. Among other items, the
Commission members were shown the original plans of the station house, brought by Mr. Schweiger courtesy of the Ackerson Company, and vintage pictures of the station house in its early days, provided from The Third Rail archives. The Commission members heard the Community Board’s presentation, reviewed the material and asked questions of the assembled parties.
The Landmarks Commission looked favorably upon the little station house and, in the ensuing
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